CS Members

People with an active UWinID and password, and with an attachment to computer science, either through employee group, major of study, or course enrollment are automatically granted access to the following:

  • Linux Desktop Servers (alpha, bravo and charlie)
  • cs.uwindsor.ca Wireless Network
  • Cloud storage (owncloud.cs.uwindsor.ca)
  • Social Web (social.cs.uwindsor.ca)

By visiting cs.uwindsor.ca/password and logging in with your UWinID, you can create and maintain accounts on the following:

  • Oracle Database Server (instance CS01)
  • MyWeb Server (Web sites, MySQL and @cs.uwindsor.ca email)
  • PC Network (CSPC1 Active Directory domain)
  • cs.uwindsor.ca (EAP authentication required, and checked against the CSPC1 Active Directory domain)

To change your UWinID password, visit uwindsor.ca/uwinid