UWin ID and Password

A UWin ID and password or CS Password are required to use the
resources within the School.  The UWinID must be "attached" to
Computer Science, meaning that you must be taking a core computer
science course, be a computer science major, or a faculty or staff
member employed in Computer Science.

All active students and staff should have their own UWinID username
and password, which is generated and maintained by the University of
Windsor Information Technology Services department (ITS).

You can change your UWinID password by visiting

When you change your UWinID password at that Web site, it will be
automatically changed on CS servers, except:

  • Oracle Database Server
  • CSPC1 Active Directory (PC's in Computer Science labs)
  • myweb.cs.uwindsor.ca Web and Email Hosting Server
  • cs.uwindsor.ca Wireless Network (logins are linked from the CSPC1 Active Directory)

To change your password on the servers listed above, please use the
CS Password Utility at http://cs.uwindsor.ca/password