Connect to ownCloud using WebDav

WebDav is a system that lets you mount (connect) your ownCloud files to your computer without having to using the sync client.  It is a remote filesystem connection.

Windows PC

On a Windows PC, right-click on your Computer icon in the Start menu and select "Map network drive..."

In the new window, select an unused drive letter, then enter:

as the folder.

If you want this connection to be persistent, place a check mark next to "Reconnect at Logon".

Press "Finish". You should be prompted for your UWinID and password, and then your ownCloud files will be mounted as a remote drive in Windows.


On an Apple Mac, open the Finder and then from the top pull-down menu, select Go -> Connect to Server.

Enter the Server Address:

Press the Connect button. You should then be prompted for your UWinID username and password.


Under the Places pull-down menu, select "Connect to Server..."

Enter the details:


Type: Secure WebDAV

Folder: /remote.php/webdav/

Enter your UWinID username and password, and place a checkmark next to Add bookmark if you want a quick link to this connection in the Files application.