LTSP Thin Clients

The Linux desktop servers can be easily accessed from the over one-hundred client computers throughout the School including those in the CS Commons (3150 ER), CS Classroom (3119 ER) and Library Lab (WL 350).

When you login to the thin client, your session will be automatically directed to start on the server with the greatest current capacity.

These thin client computers support audio input and output, and USB storage devices.  Your USB device is mounted under the /media directory in a folder with your userid.  You can also see it mounted in the Files desktop application.

Please note: There is a bug that will prevent you from un-mounting your USB storage. The system will write out all buffers to the USB device every two seconds, so it is safe to wait a few seconds after accessing your USB device, then disconnect it.

Firefox will run locally on this machines to make video and audio playback, and scrolling smoother.  All other applications will be running on the alpha/bravo/charlie servers.