Remote Shell Access

Using an ssh (Secure Shell) connection, you can connect to any of the three servers:, bravo.cs.uwindsor or

On a Mac or Linux machine, use the ssh command as follows:


You can also use the command:

ssh -Y

if you want to enable graphical desktop applications to appear on your screen. You will need to be running an X Window System on your computer. Mac OS X users can download and run XQuartz.

On a Windows PC, you will need to download some additional software. See the video below for instructions.

Connect to any of the three servers (, or or to the host (which randomly picks a server) at port 22 using ssh protocol.

If you want to have a desktop connection (with windows), then connect using No Machine.

Installing SSH on Windows PC's

See how to download, install and configure SSH clients on your Windows PC. Bitvise SSH and PuTTY are shown.

You can download putty and Bitvise SSH client HERE.