Unidesk is the software solution that allows for the quick and efficient building of virtual desktops for users.  Unidesk will dynamically build a complete machine based on "layers".  The bottom layer is the operating system (Windows), and applications are above that, in an overlay file system.  The top layer is the user layer, which contains per-user customizations.  The OS and application layers are read-only.

The operating system layers are automatically updated on a regular basis by the administrators.

Two types of virtual desktops are available:

  • Persisent: The virtual machine (VM) is active at all times.  If you disconnect from your desktop session, the VM is still running.
  • Non-Persistent: The VM is created every time you login.  When you logout, the VM is powered down and is no longer active.

Desktops can be accessed using the Horizon View clients on various platforms, including tablets. You will need to install special certificates before connecting to your virtual desktop through Horizon View.

Virtual PC desktops are manually created by system administrators by request.

See how to download and install certificates and the VMware Horizon View program for Windows PC, Mac, iPad and Android.