Horizon View Client

Horizon View client is the client program that is used to establish a connection to a remote desktop.

The Horizon View client is already installed on the Linux desktop on the serers alpha, bravo and charlie. You can find it under Applications -> Internet -> VMWare View Client. This version of the client will support USB device sharing.

The name of the view server is view.vms.uwindsor.ca

Login with your CSPC1 domain username and password.  You can create a CSPC1 domain account (or sync your password) from your UWinID through http://cs.uwindsor.ca/password.

Downloading the Horizon View Client

The Horizon View Client can be downloaded for Windows (32 or 64 bit versions), Mac OSX, iOS, and Android users.  Computer Science users can access them from here.


In order to connect to the virtual machines through Horizon View you must install the Computer Science certificates.

See how to download and install certificates and the VMware Horizon View program for Windows PC, Mac, iPad and Android.